Molly’s Suds

I recently came across a special on laundry detergent that boasts of natural, safe ingredients.  The offer was on for a bag of Molly’s Suds, free of charge, only pay shipping & handling.  I placed my order and received the package within the week.  Here’s what it looks like:




























The ingredients include: Sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), unrefined sea salt, and organic peppermint oil.

I’ve done a handful of loads with Molly’s Suds and I am pretty impressed. It comes with a scoop for easy measuring. The clothes smell good, come out well washed, and feel soft. If you or a loved one have sensitive skin, or you’re looking for healthier, all-natural products for your family, this would be a great alternative to commercial laundry detergent, especially since they are usually full of chemicals and plexiglass particles!

The other option is to mix up a batch of your own (washing soda and baking soda are cheap and easy to find, as is Epsom salt).  While I’m not sure of the exact ratios used for the ingredients, it wouldn’t be hard to find a recipe like the homemade batch I make myself.  See what works for you and go for it!

This article contains my honest, uncompensated opinion.


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