Repurposed Bathroom Shelving Unit

Re-purposing old items is one of my favorite ways to recycle and be creative.  One of my most useful re-purposing projects is an old bathroom shelving unit.  I bought this at a yard sale and it didn’t quite fit over my toilet in the bathroom.  I bought another one that fit better and decided to see what else I could do with this one.  I took it apart, in half, and put the top half in our master bedroom.  It fit perfectly next to my dresser and beside the wall, and fits all my diabetes supplies!

My Diabetes Supply Shelf

My Diabetes Supply Shelf

The bottom half, I realized, works perfectly as a yarn holder.  It can hold 4 skeins of yarn on paper towel rolls on the top two bars, and 2 extra ones on the bottom bar if I choose to put them there.  All I have to do is wind the yarn around the paper towel roll, unscrew the bars on one side with a screwdriver, and slide on or off the yarn as I please.  The yarn unwinds easily as I pull on it, and I can hang my looms for convenient storage when I’m not working on them.  I can also put my loom tool in the top of the end posts so they are easy to get to when I need them.  I can hang my measuring tape and other things from the sides, too.  It’s also light and easy to move from room to room.  Portability is wonderful!  I can put it next to the couch or next to my bed.  There are really no downsides to this nifty gadget!

My Yarn Holder

My Yarn Holder


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