Wedding Entertainment in the Great Outdoors

weddingWedding Entertainment in the Great Outdoors
An outdoor setting creates a fabulous backdrop for a wedding, but it poses a few challenges for the wedding entertainment. As you begin looking at sites, you’ll need to keep the technical restrictions in mind so you can reduce the difficulties of transmitting audio in the open environment. Every outdoor location poses a unique set of challenges. Make sure you consult with the band and an audio professional so you can figure out the best way to use the great outdoors to enhance the entertainment – not take away from it.

wedding_3By the Shore
The sandy shores provide a carefree environment for your guests and provide a glorious setting for exchanging your vows, but it restricts the use of certain musical instruments. String and wind instruments, such as a guitar, violin, or flute may fare well at the seashore, but other instruments like a harp or keyboard may not be realistic. You’ll need to make arrangements to have the audio amplified and you’ll also need a power supply if you don’t want to be limited to acoustic performances.
Caribbean steel drums or some vibrant guitarists are just a couple options for entertainment at the shore.

At Sea
Are you planning a cruise wedding or a wedding on a yacht? Then you’ll need to make sure that your musicians are well placed so that the wind does not affect their performance. A DJ or keyboardist will need a power supply – so make that this is available through the yacht’s generator. Inform the band about the location and get list of things they’ll need for their on-board performance.

wedding_2In a Park
Public parks are growing in popularity for hosting wedding receptions and ceremonies, and they offer numerous entertainment options. But although parks may not pose the same challenges as the seashore or a boat, you’ll have to first secure the necessary permits to use the very public park. You’ll need to secure permissions for use of the park – and take note that you cannot take over the entire park – and another permit for parking. Apart from those permits, you’ll also have to cope with local noise ordinances and curfews that will affect the quality and duration of your wedding entertainment.
Take care of the legalities in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises on the wedding day. If a power supply is not available at the venue, you’ll need to rent a generator or resort to acoustic entertainment.

Whether you host your wedding at the park or the beach, you need to give careful thought to where you’ll place the musicians for the ceremony and reception. Identify noisy sources that can drown out the sounds of the band. These include water fountains, swimming pools, playgrounds, nearby traffic, and heavy winds. Pay attention to any other activities that might take place in the area during your ceremony since undue noise can dilute the sound of the musicians.
Make sure to set up a tent or canopy to protect the entertainers and their equipment from the sun or rain.


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