Honey Bacon Steak Wraps

They say that the way to the heart of your man is with food.  I found out how true that is last night when I made this dish (which hubby claimed “will be in Heaven”).  I started out by looking up recipes for honey stew beef then found something that mentioned bacon.  I had made honey bacon a few days ago, and then it hit me…Honey Bacon Steak Wraps!  I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of the steak wraps, but I have some of the chicken wraps and, ladies, I’m 100% positive your husband (and kids) will love you for these! 

Honey Bacon Steak Wraps

1 lb stew beef
1 lb bacon (you may only use a few strips, depending on how many you want to make.  I used 4 strips and cut them in half, making 8 wraps)
Seasoned meat tenderizer
Onion powder
Red Wine Vinegar

To prepare, thaw stew beef.
Drizzle honey on the bottom of a non-stick frying pan.
Separate bacon strips on a cutting board and cut them in half (the short way, of course!).
Take 1-2 small stew beef chunks and wrap them in a bacon strip.
Place them in the frying pan on top of the pre-drizzled honey and drizzle amply with more honey.

2014-03-04 19.32.58
Sprinkle each wrap with a tiny amount of meat tenderizer, onion powder, and dillweed.
Pour a little bit of red wine vinegar on each wrap.
Add water (enough so that it comes up to the middle of each wrap).

2014-03-04 19.53.43
Turn the burner on medium-high to start (you may turn the heat down to medium ¾ of the way through the cooking time).  Let wraps cook for approximately 20-30 minutes.  Bacon will be soft and beef will be brown (you can check internal temperature with a cooking thermometer if you have one).
Drizzle with more honey a few minutes before you take them off the burner.  Place them on a plate lined with a paper towel to drain them.

Note:  I prepared the entire pound of stew beef but only a few chunks made it into the wraps.  The rest of the chunks were prepared separately with mixed veggies as the main course and the honey bacon steak wraps were served on the side as a bonus.  Hubby loved the steak wraps so much that I’ve decided next time I will be making more of those…I just didn’t have a big enough frying pan available at the time to make a big batch for him.


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