The Darkest Years, Volume 1

Thanks for bearing with me as I kept y’all in suspense all week.  I have been working hard every day on my newest project: getting my first volume of poetry ready for publishing!  This first volume will include 65 of my earliest poems (from 2003-2004) and will be published in a paperback edition from

I’ve set a deadline of September 26, 2013, which is the date I was aiming to have the manuscript ready to send to the printer.  However, I’ve made such tremendous progress on this project this week that I am now 2/3 of the way done!

The Darkest Years 1 cover

The first book, The Darkest Years, Volume 1, will be available as a paperback and as an eBook.  I’m still working out the details and will post updates as I have them!  I will also be hosting some giveaways – FREE autographed copies of my books!  Stay tuned for more details!


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  1. Lorena Smith

    Congratulations, Rachel. We are so proud of you.

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