Household Jewelry Cleaner

My mom sent me this cheap and easy way to get your wedding/engagement rings to sparkle like brand new!  She says she does this 1-2 times a month.

You’ll need:
2 gallon milk jug caps
1 old toothbrush
Dawn dishwashing detergent (only the original BLUE kind)
Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide

A good time to do this is while you’re showering!

Pour small amount of Dawn in one cap and small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the other cap (there should be enough liquid for rings to be totally submerged)
Place rings in the Dawn cap and let sit while you shower
Next, place rings in hydrogen peroxide cap while you dry hair/do makeup (no need to rinse first)
Remove rings and, with toothbrush moistened with water or hydrogen peroxide, VERY LIGHTLY brush rings
Rinse in cool water
Look at the sparkle!!

(Do not clean pearls with this method!)


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